About us

Our Mission

To offer an environment that each individual can call their home. An environment where everyone is greeted with smiles. One that each person looks out for each other. We believe in team work at Vertical Limit stables.

The primary goal of Vertical Limit Stables is to introduce and instruct students of all ages in effective and positive horsemanship. Through lessons, trail rides, and special classes. Vertical Limit Stables will seek to create a peaceful and positive environment in which our students can flourish. To be recognized as a high-quality boarding stable for horses and ponies, where their quality of life is the measure of everything we do. We promise to always treat our horse, boarders and students with respect and kindness.

Vertical Limit Stables will seek to be an overall positive influence in the lives of our students by reinforcing good character traits. With the horses ever serving as faithful object lessons, we will reinforce the things learned at home, in school, and at work such as honesty, integrity, discipline, benevolence, and a hard work ethic. We will leverage our facilities, horses, and instructors to accomplish these goals.

Sharon Bach

Sharon grew up riding, working and showing horses at local horse and 4-H shows then moving on through competing at AA rated shows.

Vertical Limit offers students to show at our own shows, local schooling shows, rates shows and offers traveling to Ocala for the winter.

Growing up on a farm spending most of her time bareback in the fields taught her that there is so much more to riding than just sitting on a horse. After graduating from Cazanovia college in 2002 Sharon worked at many different farms. Teaching lessons, starting young horses, showing western pleasure and showing hunter jumpers. She believes in having a strong dressage background as well.

Vertical Limit’s goal is to have a safe fun environment for all children and adults interested in horses. The staff at Vertical Limit is highly qualified to help take riders and mold them into confident students. We run a seven week summer camp program which is designed to offer a fun safe horse experience.

Come ride. You will love it.